No Dead Volume

  1. Thread manufactured with no seam according to DIN, USAS or JIS > various connection types
  2. Connector available in PP, natural, PVDF > High media resistance
  3. Same connection principle as in Series 1A, can also be used for all other principles as well
  4. Connection with no dead volume thanks to tapered thread end > No settling of bacteria > No crystallisation of the medium > No accumulation of dirt
  5. Hexagon manufactured according to DIN

This principle is used wherever it is absolutely essential to rule out dead volume. With this type of connector, the thread end is not sealed by a sealing collar (G thread) or by the thread itself (NPT thread) but by an outer taper. This requires the female thread of the mating element to have the same taper. Screwing in the connector creates a seam-less joint where bacteria and particles of dirt have no opportunity to settle and accumulate.