High Purity

When the issue is our customers‘ quality requirements, we know no compromises at emtechnik. This attitude applies particularly to those situations where very high requirements on sterile cleanliness exist for modern production processes such as the semiconductor industry, the pharmaceutical or medical industry, or for the foodstuff industry. On request we can pre-treat our products to match your requirements. For example, a silicone, oil or grease free surface. Therefore emtechnik has an ISO class 5 clean-room since 1997; this facility makes it possible to clean and assemble our products in a contamination-free atmosphere. All products for which we guarantee a high purity standard pass through a carefully monitored production process in our factory:

  • For preparation for further processing in the clean-room, our products manufactured either us­ing injection moulding or by mechanical means are first pre-cleaned in an ultrasound bath with oil separator and a DI bath.
  • In the clean-room itself, the products are cleaned a second time and dried in vacuum condi­tions.
  • The products are then final assembled and quality controlled by specially trained employees.
  • All clean-room products are placed in special double-welded packaging for safe transport; this packaging is also filled with class 5.0 nitrogen.

To guarantee the highest quality, resistance and reliability even on the use of aggressive media, for these applications we only use new plastic material such as PVDF, PFA, PTFE or natural PP. All fluore plastics are heat and pressure-resistant and can therefore also be sterilised in an auto­clave without problems.