High-Tech Plastic Products for First-Class Solutions

Today the emtechnik group is one of the world's leading providers of small, high-quality fittings and connectors made of special plastics. We have established this position based on more than 45 years of experience with one central objective: consistently developing high quality products from our customers' perspective.

A Modular Product System

Against this background our product series form a modular system in which every part is compatible and can be used variably. That means we provide solutions for a large number of applications from a single source, solutions that are tailored exactly to the needs of our customers. To tackle this major objective, today we manufacture exclusively at our company's headquarters in Maxdorf. In our ultramodern production facility there, all products are subject to uncompromising quality control: from the moment the order is received until we deliver to our customers.

Innovations for Practical Applications

Our strong presence in the market makes us able to recognise new trends and developments in technology early. That in turn allows us to develop our line of products continuously with innovative products and solutions. What counts is success in practical applications. Paying close attention to our customers (for whom we also develop special solutions) is therefore absolutely essential for us. Because of this we have intensified our investment in European and international markets.

On Site for You Worldwide

We're there wherever you need us. With subsidiaries in Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, India and Taiwan as well as our representatives in Chile, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Singapore and the USA we provide direct local advice and support to our customers.

If you have further questions or would like additional information, simply get in contact with us. A good partnership for us always starts with a personal conversation.