Miniaturized Module Technology

9M Miniature Module Technology

  1. Small base surface and miniaturised fittings > efficient use of space

  2. Lower costs: from concept and installation to assembly and maintenance costs

  3. Flexible layout thanks to modular design: all modules and fitting can be freely combined with and replaced by each other in all directions

  4. Less medium in the system due to reduced cross-section of max. 3 mm for all manifold modules

  5. Maximum safety and reliability: all paths can be represented on one level > reduced risk of leakage

MMT stands for Miniature Module Technology. This technology makes it possible to install variable flow systems in the smallest spaces. Here's what that means in practical terms: Manifold modules can be placed on a base plate to create any required flow. The manifold modules can be combined with various fittings such as valves, flow meters or ball valves and easily replaced or reconfigured when needed.

High Efficiency with lower costs: Thanks to reduced dimensions, series 9M Miniature Module Technology allows for efficient use of space for designing process analysis or fluid distribution systems and for miniplants or sample removal and processing, thereby reducing assembly and maintenance expense. With a maximum cross-section of 3 mm for all manifold modules, smaller quantities are needed in the system, especially for very cost-intensive media.

Wide variety of layout modules available: regulation valves, check valves, diaphragm valves, flow meters and ball valves.