Getting Started: Valves

Your Use Valve Function
Shutting off Shut-off Valve Shuts off the flow of the media by screwing in the spindle
Single-hand Operated Valve For sampling
Diaphragm Valve 2/2-way Shuts off the flow of the media by lowering stem and diaphragm
Regulating Regulation Valve Regulates the media flow
Fine Control Valve Regulates the media flow with / without adjustment scale with very precise linear flow rate characteristic
Protecting Check Valve Prevents the return flow of the media (without spring for blow back, with spring for all applications)
Pressure Keeping Valve Limits the system pressure upwards
Pressure Reducing Valve Keeps the outlet pressure constant even with fluctuating inlet pressures
Safety Valve Automatically changes the direction of the flow by means of spring-return
Venting Valve Depending on design: for bleeding air or for removing liquid
Distributing Transmitter Valve Valve block can be fastened to transmitter in accordance with DIN 19213
Diaphragm Valve 3/2-way safe medium distribution